It's All In A Name

September 23, 2014

Mitten and Moustache, eh?  If you're scratching your head right now wondering where we came up with that one, let me clue you in.

In 2007, I met illustrator Michael Slocumb, the guy that my eldest niece quickly dubbed, "the absolute funniest person I know."  Kids love him and I'm guessing it's for more reasons than the fact that he looks and acts a bit like a cartoon character. Michael is a creative type and that creativity inches its way into his fashion choices yielding some interesting hits and an occasional miss.  You see, Michael never takes himself, or anybody else for that matter, too seriously so on a pivotal day in 2008, the sky darkened, the clouds parted, and he debuted a curiously pencil-thin, French moustache that saw the light of day for only a mere week but remains a topic of conversation to this very minute. Was he ahead of his time? Hip beyond all recognition? Or did his facial accoutrement make him look more like an evil Inspector Clouseau minus the magnifying glass? The jury is still out, but his eccentric choice inspired Mitten and Moustache Rule #1:

If you love it and it makes you smile then wear it with confidence.

And Mitten? Well, we all deserve to feel a little warm and fuzzy, don't ya think? Little Orphan Annie taught us at an early age that no two days are the same. One minute you may be scrubbing the floors until they shine like the top of the Chrysler Building and the next you're taking in a private film at Radio City Music Hall.  The point is, whether today is the day that you take your very first step, have tea with the Queen of England, or successfully dig to China with nothing but a spoon, it's important that your clothes aren't holding you back.  Untuck those shirts, and heed Mitten and Moustache Rule #2:

Clothes should be comfortable, functional, and fun because you never know what the day will bring.

My niece has been known to wear two different shoes around town and makes no apologies about it. One day might be a high top and a jelly and the next might be a sandal and a boot.  In the spirit of "mixing it up a little" we're excited to launch Mitten and Moustache: Uniquely Curious Clothiers For Kids.